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More than a Sponsor…

Wheelchair basketball gets sponsored at Sussex Bears by Birchwood Motor Group, Brand New sponsored kit, warm up tops, court side banners and even a lovely bit of cake was on offer as the team rolled out last month…

many thanks to Poppy Mccollum for the amazing photos

University Of Brighton + Sussex Bears Wheelchair Basketball team CEMENT long term deal to secure the sports future in the CITY

Wheelchair basketball in SUSSEX to return bigger than ever… delivering 2 university sessions a week that are open to the park-life programs, and EXCLUSIVELY to SUSSEX BEARS development players ….

Mike Fisher (sport Brighton) and Ricky Perrin ( Sussex Bears)

We want to have some students to be more involved in wheelchair basketball they will be advocates and sport leaders to promote the sport, once we get an established group that train repeatedly then with Sussex Bears on board next year we can get Brighton University teams in leagues again… “

Mike Fisher

Mike has been a supporter of the Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball team from day 1… Over the last 2 years he has witnessed the club go from a handful of players to now 3 national league teams and winning 2 leagues in both seasons.

In the last few days i have had long conversations with the coaches at Sussex Bears about the importance of getting grass roots players the experience in dedicated training sessions.

You will develop brand new players so much faster if you can organise MORE training sessions AND matches against other new players so a University with a huge quantity of new, fast learning and young players is perfect…. then the reward for the hard work is “the invite” to train at our core team training at the Bear Cage Arena on a Friday Night… As THIS IS the place players will “Want to be” as we progress up the leagues over the next few seasons.”

Pete Bull (Sussex Bears)


The University was a big part of the RSP 2019 impact report book on disability sports, that showed the true “million pound” value this sport can have…

impact report 2019 on wheelchair basketball #ProjectUnlimited

Last year saw wheelchair basketball return to the University via team Boss Ricky Perrin and his link up with Mike Fisher from the Falmer sports centre at the University of Brighton,

Photo with Ricky ( Sussex Bears) Dominic ( University of Brighton) at the freshers sports fair in 2018 at the launch of the program

But the new student year will not only seen a return of the sport but term 1 of the 2019 academic year will now see the sport run from more than 1 University sports campus so that students in BOTH Brighton and Eastbourne can access the fastest growing disability sport on the south coast!


I am thinking of EVERY single student we can introduce wheelchair basketball to, they will take that memory with them forever whatever career they take having some experience in disability sports, plus i know that every single one of them will share pictures and promote the sport on social media to more peers and fellow students, plus we can use these training sessions as development training sessions for our own team training – it is a win / win situation for everyone,

I’ve been very lucky having made connections to some of the best medical tutors in the world based in Brighton, and they want the students who are the next generation of General Practitioners to learn about social prescribing and how the impact of playing wheelchair basketball and other disability sports can help independence in people so they wont need as much medical professional input .

Ricky Perrin – Team Manager of Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball


With Brighton already a major hub for students with the University of Brighton, University of Sussex and the Royal Sussex University Hospitals (RSUH) linking up wheelchair basketball and students goes hand in hand and Sussex having a long term future of the sport.

4 year THE BIG BUILD program in Brighton

Building works have already begun in Brighton of this huge URBAN REGEN project known as “The Big Build”

CGI image of new look student buildings in Brighton

Over the next few years the student population in Brighton will get bigger and bigger… and then also there is the 3T hospital HALF BILLION POUND PROJECT.

3T Brighton Hospital REGEN

The 3T Brighton Hospital rebuild will see a rise in student medical professionals choosing Brighton as the city to study in, as the HALF BILLION POUND project develops in one end of BRIGHTON then the UNIVERSITY develops the other side of Brighton…

… Imagine what would connect a major Hospital redevelopment, a massive raise in the student population of medical experts and PE students choosing SUSSEX as a new place to study…

if only there was a wheelchair basketball team that had connections with the university and had trained medical students at (RSUH) to raise awareness of disability sports, and a future pathway plan to develop the sport on the south coast of the UK…

Over the last 18 months I have been working closely and building up a great relationship with the Universities of Brighton and Sussex… I have also been working with the NHS Trust from consulting with them and the building developers Laing O’Rourke in Brighton in any way i can helping them on the new hospital 3T build, to offering my advice on access and disability awareness of new builds in the city, over several meetings.”

Ricky Perrin – Team Manager Sussex Bears Basketball

Part of the ORIGINAL set up of this website was based around the set up of a new pathway so we can help those new students, new patients, and those newly injured or born with a long term health condition or disability in Sussex get an entry in to a sport and the long term benefits that playing in a competitive field can deliver.

The Sussex Bears Movie

This latest movie highlights the importance of wheelchair sports and this is the very first film about how just taking part in grass-roots disability sports saves lives, saves money, and creates an equal playing field.

5 minutes of inspiration

Already seen by NHS and GP medical trainees… this movie is highlighting why we need social prescribing in to disabled sports nationwide…

The Sussex Bears movie may only be a few minutes long but it follows the stories of 3 players inside the Sussex Bears Wheelchair Basketball team.

East Brighton resident Ricky moved to the area a few years ago and saw a vast difference in the opportunities given to those living with a disability compared to London where he lived for a couple of years before.

In London and in other areas of the UK people with disabilities can access sports almost every day of the week so they improve their core fitness, improve the quality of life by retaining independence for longer…

Ricky began a little wheelchair basketball session in East Brighton that was open to all players regardless of a team they played for, this led to Ricky and some teammates launching the Sussex Bears Wheelchair Basketball team.