The wheelchair sports Movie

This latest movie highlights the importance of wheelchair sports and this is the very first film about how just taking part in grass-roots disability sports saves lives, saves money, and creates an equal playing field.

5 minutes of inspiration

Already seen by NHS and GP medical trainees… this movie is highlighting why we need social prescribing in to disabled sports nationwide…

The wheelchair sports movie may only be a few minutes long but it follows the stories of 3 players inside the Sussex Bears Wheelchair Basketball team.

Brighton resident Ricky moved to the area a few years ago and saw a vast difference in the opportunities given to those living with a disability compared to London where he lived for a couple of years before.

In London and in other areas of the UK people with disabilities can access sports almost every day of the week so they improve their core fitness, improve the quality of life by retaining independence for longer.

Wheelchair sports return to Brighton Uni


Parklife is a project run by Sport Brighton. Sport Brighton is the University of Brighton’s Sport and Recreation Service which offers a range of services from facilities to sports activities….
Parklife is supported by Brighton Students’ Union. Ultimately they hope to get more people involved in sport and physical activity across the University.

Starting this Tuesday at Falmer, Park life Wheelchair basketball taster sessions will run from 6pm till 7pm then from 7pm till 8pm will be a club session for the Sussex Bears Wheelchair basketball team in a collaborative deal that benefits the university and the league wheelchair basketball team.

Ricky Perrin ex wheelchair team manager for Sussex Bears said…
“This deal is a WIN WIN for everyone… the students who take part in the taster session we be getting a taster session along side players or coaches in the Sussex Bears teams and it in return the Sussex Bears get extra training at this amazing facility here at Falmer at a fantastic rate that a newly formed community team can afford”

“After a very long time of talking and planning it is fantastic to get dates in the diary and start promoting the return of high level league wheelchair basketball back to the city that was once a huge player in this sport.”

Ricky is down at the Brighton university’s Cockcroft building today talking to students and promoting the start of these sessions that we hope will eventually see more people entering the sport at grass roots level.

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