The ambitious plans of a wheelchair basketball team to save the UK taxpayer millions by introducing as many kids as they can to wheelchair sports today got the thumbs up from Ross Joannides from Active Sussex…

Over the next 5 years we want to get as many kids as we can in Sussex who are born with disabilities, those that have injuries and those with long term health conditions to not only play wheelchair basketball for fitness and fun but also to develop a healthier lifestyle that will reduce needs for additional support in later life.”

Ricky Perrin (Sussex Bears)

Ross from Active Sussex is heavily involved in the (SDSN) Sussex Disability Sports Network, they hold a quarterly networking event that links up all the disability sports providers so they can share best practices and support each other in the combined mission to get everyone in Sussex to be more active through sport.

Sussex Cricket and Albion In The Community, the charity for Brighton and Hove Football team are already delivering so much awareness to disability sports in Sussex, this has a huge social and economic impact not only in the city of Brighton and Hove but all over Sussex….

For a long time wheelchair basketball has not been pro-active in the communities, schools and Universities here at Sussex Bears we want to change this and turn the tables around to make the southern regions of the UK a destination to play and watch this sport.


In other regions of the UK and in other countries kids are starting training earlier in wheelchair basketball … so the talent gap is widening!

Other sports have been more active in recruiting players here in Southern Regions of the UK as wheelchair basketball has not had the exposure!

The best players in the world have to leave the UK to progress in their careers or to earn money in wheelchair basketball!

Not enough is being done to turn this in to a spectator sport!


A few wheelchair basketball teams have started to think of these fresh ideas… This weekend i was invited to Essex by Jack Gibbs of the High Rollers to witness a new “spin” on the game called FIBA 3X3

These type of events INVITE the best players to come to the UK… where at the moment we see the best players leaving the UK as that is the way they can progress in a career in wheelchair basketball.


It was great to talk to Ross today about the “new deal” plan that launched this month that introduced a new way to finance the wheelchair basketball sport in Sussex…

…and some more exciting news coming soon to the sport here on the south coast very soon.