Wheelchair basketball

Would you like to try wheelchair basketball ?

Our wheelchair basketball team trains on Friday evenings 7:30 till 9:30pm and compete in the British Wheelchair Basketball National Leagues

We are currently looking for players to join the teams, from development leagues, junior leagues, national leagues … for the 2019 /2020 season

Pictured below is our 2018 /2019 Division 2 league team, we are looking to build this team and bring in new and experienced players… with the right people and commitment we can make it to the next division… come and get involved today!


if you are new and do not have your own sports chair then do not worry as we have many sports chairs at our Friday Training venue in lancing for you…  so come and have a go !!

Ricky 07955333633 

or email 


“As our team turns 2 years old we have invested in the sport… We have invested in the players… We have brought assests… and delivered taster sessions of this sport to more people than any other team around… and we have some huge plans for the future and want you to be part of them” – Ricky TM  


Events, Schools, Universities… 

We have our very own Trailer with lots of wheelchair basketball sports chairs situated in Sussex that we take round to schools to help introduce new people to this fast and fun sport…

just ask us about coming to your event or school and we will come along and introduce this sport to anyone. 

In 6 weeks we had over 1500 people try out wheelchair sports… via the program 


    Our Division 4 team this year.

Development is the key… some clubs it is all about the 1st team… and those new players and lower league teams feel like they are not important, Here at Sussex Bears we are the opposite putting time aside to relearn the basics, and with our double basketball courts we can spend time with individuals using tried and tested methods that deliver results as we have the room for 1 to 1 training and we have more than 1 coach so each training session can vary in drills and coaching styles.

division 4 team 2018/2019

Having a team in this division is a great place for brand new players to come and have a go at playing wheelchair basketball, this divison only has a few matches in a season.

We are looking for more brand new players to come and have a go and join the team, with our great atmosphere and fantastic facilities here in Sussex you will fit right in 


Can i play wheelchair basketball ?

Wheelchair basketball is a fully inclusive sport! you do not need to be in a wheelchair to play 

The Classifaction system allows players to play in competitive leagues even if they have no long term health conditions or injuries…

If you are able bodied and want to play you are classed as a 5.0 point player, a spinal injury that leaves you completely paralsed from the chest down could classify you as a 1.0 point player … then at any 1 time the 5 “on court” players must have a maxium points total up to 14.5 points 

Thats just an example there is a whole range of injuries and conditions that could classify you between 1.0 and 4.5, come and talk to our coaches for more details at our Friday training session but for example any of the conditions below could classify you: 

skeleton picture


  •  ​​​​​​Knee Replacement 
  • Arthritic joint surfaces 
  • Irreparable ligament damage 
  • Fractures into the knee joint
  • Complete loss of articular cartilage tissue


  • Multiple Joint Fusions
  • Arthritic joint surfaces 
  • Significant join surfaces 
  • Significant ligament instability


  • Spinal cord injury 
  • Spina Bifida 
  • Polio 
  • Paraplegic


  • Joint Replacement 
  • Perthes 
  • Arthritic joint surfaces 
  • Joint Alignment problems 
  • Fractures into the hip joint


  • Long bone replacement 
  • Long bone misalignment 
  • Lower limb fracture resulting in joint stiffness and Muscle Weakness 
  • Cerebral Palsy 
  • Muscular Dystrophies 
  • Lower Limb Amputees

1st class court facilities here in Sussex 


The Bear Cage is a great venue… a 700 seat arena style court with everything on the flat and level! 

when playing wheelchair basketball a fast court surface is amazing…. 

a flat level access with no lifts or stairs…

loads of free parking…

a venue that is 1 minute from the main A27… no city driving 


shot clocks situated on top of the backboards…

painted keys, modern lines and a huge run off area…

loads of room for sponsorship banners round the court for matches…

and this venue is not too big that means we can keep our costs low! 

when visiting teams come to us we are proud to have our home court and to be part of the Sir Robert Woodard Academy 

Address: Upper Boundstone Ln, Sompting, Lancing BN15 9QZ

What more could you ask for… it was made for wheelchair basketball 

come and get involved… 


Sponsorship, Partners and Supporters…

With next season fast approaching there has never been a better time to increase your businesses CSR with a sponsorship package in this fast and fully inclusive sport, we have now a range a tailored packages to suit your business budget and with our investment in the community programs, rolling sports pathway programs, schools programs, universities program and the team making news headlines on ITV and Latest TV several times last season we offer a fantastic return for a small investment in a local Limited Company and fully registered CIC.

From court side banners, advertising on vests, youtube, television, news … we can put your company name in front of people, we have open and transparent accounts in our team and any investment into disability sport is ringfenced and dedicated to your conditions of funding or sponsorship…. 

In the last 2 years we have played all over England and we would love to take your BRAND with us on the road.

So talk to us today as we are open for business, Call Ricky on 07955333633