Are you disabled and in SUSSEX?

get yourself a sports wheelchair to use over the summer with the new #BearsChairShare program 2020…

If you have seen this poster then you are in the right place…

Over the last 2 years we have taken wheelchair sports to the community, to schools, to universities using some trailers and sports wheelchairs that we brought, well over 10,000 people have played wheelchair sports…

However due to COVID19 we have been unable to go into schools… unable to do the community events and unable to use them at this time…

Would you or anyone you know be able to benefit from borrowing 1 of our club sports chairs over the school holidays?

We have about 20 Red, Blue and Green club wheelchairs ready to go out to disabled kids and adults that may benefit from using them over the summer…. and we are activity looking to fund more of these so that we can get as many people to use them as possible.

  • Delivered to you.
  • Wiped down in antibacterial sprays.
  • Use on your patio, driveway, public basketball court over the summer.
  • Collected at the end of Summer so we can re-use them in the community.

what do you need to qualify?

  • Have a disability.
  • live in Sussex.
  • Have your own straps, lap straps / foot straps if needed… (as Covid19 we cannot supply pre-used strapping or belts) but these can be brought on amazon or your local wheelchair shop cheaply.
  • Have somewhere to use it like a driveway, patio, access to flat tarmac or concrete.
  • Be able to share on social media that your using the sports chair.

I am sure you have LOADS of questions so ping us an EMAIL over NOW … we may be able to help you

Questions and Answers

I ‘ve never played before and not been in a sports wheelchair?

We will give you some basic instructions and online assistance… not worry we are not expecting you to be the next Olympians just have some fun over the summer.

What if i want to play in a league after the summer trial?

At Sussex Bears we have competitive sports teams playing wheelchair basketball in National league, Development League and Local Leagues, once we resume training we can advise you on playing and advise you on getting your own bespoke chair as many league players do not use these red, blue and green club chairs in the league.

Will i need to sign a hire agreement?

We do ask you to fill in a few forms and sign to say you (or someone over 18) will look after the equipment and return it to us after the summer is over, we will need your contact details.

Will it cost me anything?

We want to see these sports chairs in use, on your driveway , on your patio… so we are not charging you anything to borrow one of these chairs… however if over the summer you “pop an inner tube” we hope that you will replace it and keep the equipment in working order.

I will need to buy my own straps can you advise?

Most league players use ratchet straps to really pin themselves in a sports chair but we would recommend a cheap weight lifting belt from amazon £10 – £15 , a basic foot strap from local supplier £5 – £10 or a home made neoprene waste belt if you need an extra support to keep in upright.

If you already use a wheelchair you may have straps around your house.

Do you need to be a wheelchair user to play wheelchair basketball?

No you can be classified to play even if you can walk, hip injuries, leg amputees, CP or MS… there are a range of disabilities on the team.

Can i use the chair i borrow for other sports?

Yes sure practice your wheelchair tennis, badminton, boxing, or just pushing around objects doing chair skills… or course we love wheelchair basketball and would love to see these chairs being used for some basketball too.

I don’t have a basketball hoop at my house?

Use a bin, use a tyre , use anything you can as target practice for your shooting, or dribbling skills, pushing with a ball skills, passing drills with your friends and family.