ITV here at the RSP launch

Disabled sports boost for Sussex

Sussex Bears Team to roll out new pathway

After only a year since the Sussex Bears Wheelchair basketball team launched they have already won a national league title, gained a promotion to a higher league, set up teams in 2 divisions including a dedicated development league… they are now working with other disability sports to unite in a bid to see a change in the way authorities, councils and the national health service see disabled sports.

Local Wheelchair and disability sports get no mainstream funding at government level here in the UK despite the facts to show those playing sports at a grass root level with a disability are far less likely to use core NHS and council services across the entire range of services, if you play disability sports you are less likely to have carers and far less likely to be socially isolated.

Here’s what ITV news said about the program…

A new program to help people who’ve been injured or newly diagnosed with a chronic illness to get into disabled sports has launched in Sussex – easing pressure on the NHS and local councils. Charlotte Wilkins explains.

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Last updated Sat 3 Nov 2018