The Sir Robert Woodard Academy is where the magic happens… since 2017 a new wheelchair basketball team was launched in this school.

Nobody realised at the time how life changing this could be for those living in Sussex with a long term health condition or life changing injury as the Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball team developed over the last 2 years, founders of the team Ricky, Pete, Craig and Pauline wanted to build a real long term legacy at the venue here at SRWA as combined they had played wheelchair basketball for over 60 seasons and knew as far as a home court venue the SRWA was the best on the South Coast.

It was the founding members of this team that created the concept of the Rolling Sports Pathway… now one of the most pro-active, community, school, and university pathway connecting programs on the planet!

The first phase of the program has now seen over 3000 people try wheelchair basketball in a few weeks, but already the team behind the pathway have a new concept, new ideas and a whole new way of reaching the next generation of para-athletes.

“Project 4k” was always about bringing para sporting opportunities to those on the South Coast so after months of planning and talks we at Sussex Bears and the Rolling Sports Pathway are pleased to launch a multi disability sports academy here to take advantage of the amazing facilities at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

Wheelchair Sports Academy

With sports chairs stored on site here right between the amazing basketball court and newly refurbished multi use games area, we can now start to offer a range of inclusive sports including wheelchair tennis, disability cricket and had offers from a range of other sports all that help people living in Sussex that have either had an injury or long term health condition.

The beauty of the new Academy style set up means we can use social prescribing from medical experts to send people all over Sussex to come to Lancing to try out a few wheelchair sports with our professional coaches and set up.