A new way of financing wheelchair basketball sessions in Sussex launches with partners in Horsham, Eastbourne, and 2 locations in Brighton already confirmed!



The biggest barrier in to this sport is the cost of hiring venues that we can use for training, teaching and providing entry level in to wheelchair basketball…

So to every COUNCIL in SUSSEX

So to every SCHOOL in SUSSEX


We have a message for you…



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The positive benefits to playing wheelchair basketball is huge… the BWB impact report proves it, the RSP reports prove it, the independent reports from medical experts prove it….

So if there is CURRENTLY no wheelchair basketball in your area in Sussex available then NOW is your chance to help people living in your Region of Sussex to access this SPORT…

So if there is CURRENTLY no wheelchair basketball in your school or university in your area of Sussex then NOW is chance to get this sport provided…

This full impact report can be found on the British Wheelchair Basketball website



How Does it Work?


Instead of the Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball club setting up a session in your region or area of Sussex…



  • SCHOOLS – Do you have a sports hall or Basketball court sitting empty at certain times of the evening? you can now offer this fully inclusive fast paced sport to anyone in the local area, plus if you have pupils that were born with disabilities or have been injured then you can offer them a chance to try wheelchair basketball with there friends, plus we can signpost anyone interested to a local team.

  • UNIVERSITIES – Do you currently run a sports program to your students BUT struggle to offer fully inclusive sports to your students due to the equipment and expertise needed in wheelchair and disability sports? … NOT anymore! as we can come in and run wheelchair basketball sessions that allow your students to play at the same time with our team members.

  • COUNCILS – How many fully inclusive disabled sports teams and clubs operate in YOUR REGION? the answer is NOT ENOUGH… Playing in a competitive sports team for those either born with a long term health condition / disability, or those injured later in life has a huge impact on their life, physical and mental health benefits and combined with the ability to remain independent longer compared to those who do not participate in any kind of sports or physically activity… Wheelchair basketball is still the biggest entry sport for most people who go to play or compete in other disability sports worldwide and now you can provide this entry to those living in your borough constituency. The tax payer savings in keeping people fitter and healthier for longer outweighs any cost in us delivering this sport 100 times over.




It is 100% up to you how you choose to finance the basketball court, the sports centre, or the venue… we can offer advice and can apply for funding to cover venue hire but this funding would go direct to you at the venue and not to us.


Option 1 – We apply for small pots of local funding that is sent direct to the venue, perfect for councils and leisure centres looking to provide more access to disability sports.

Option 2 – You provide a court and set up a registration page with a system to allow people to pay you direct, the amount of revenue you bring in from that will help to cover your court costs, perfect for Colleges and places that have a venue for hire and would like to test the market for offering wheelchair basketball, the first few weeks may be a low take up but we can use the BWB sessions section of the website to help promote your venues session.

Option 3 – You give us a hall, sports centre, or venue FREE so we can run taster sessions in your local area, your reward is the social impact and you become an area of Sussex that ticks the fully inclusive requirements in health and well being.



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