school sports delivery

Just a few of the amazing schools we have visited and taken wheelchair sports too over the last few months… we have visited OVER 50 schools and 4 Universities in Sussex… delivering disability sports to over 10,000 kids

To take a trailer load of sports chairs along to a school and deliver a half day session can cost in excess of £300 but we were lucky enough to get some funding last year so everything we have delivered to schools and universities have not cost them a penny.

If you interested in bringing wheelchair sports and the experience then please contact us today… depending on where your located we might have funding that we can use to bring this amazing sport to your classroom, or we may be able to give you some advice on some local pots of funding that could pay for a fun day of wheelchair basketball at your event, business, school or university.

Or why not do a non-uniform day at your school?

last 6 weeks we have delivered wheelchair sports to 3000 people …

next 2 weeks we are at 5 more schools and 4 community events…

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