Welcome to the Sussex Bears wheelchair basketball team TSF partnership page APRIL 2020 – APRIL 2023

Brighton Council and the Third Sector funding is a 3 year program running from April 2020 the deadline for applications close on Oct 31st 2019

We deliver wheelchair basketball and wheelchair sports all over Sussex and if your reading this and invited to this web page then we would love to be featured on your Third Sector Bid

  • disability hate crime is the fastest growing recorded crime in the city
  • disabled people are the poorest and most venerable
  • disabled people who play in sports are independent for 10 years longer
  • wheelchair basketball is the entry to more Paralympic sports than any other
  • playing wheelchair basketball can reduce mental health problems
  • team building in wheelchair sports is amazing leveler

Over the last 2 years we have developed a plan and a program to help everyone… we train the PE teachers, we teach the disabled kids, we teach the GP and medical professionals… we train the future athletes in disability sports here in Sussex…

Your bid

how can we work together ?

We have a few trailers full of sports chairs that we can bring to events, schools, universities and deliver sessions with professional coaches and with an entry in to a professional pathway ..

This trailer is branded with the Brighton and Hove council logo on …

Whatever service you are offering to Brighton and Hove council we would like to strengthen your bid by adding on – reduction on hate crime, improve health , living prospects, disability inclusion, and a whole host of other amazing benefits that disability sports bring to the community.

For us to bring that trailer full of chairs to a school or event in your area of Brighton will cost you £300 for a half day and £500 for a full day… that is 15 sports chairs valued at £10000 and a coach that’s all fully insured

what you need to do now …

answer this question …

Can offering disability sports.. reducing disability hate crime… improving disability awareness improve your current bid with BHCC?

if yes keep reading …

now you add us to your bid…

for example

if you already run projects / events just add us to your event to make it inclusive and add £500 each appearance you would like us to make…


If you are a community development business with 3 schools in your area of Brighton then all you need to is something like this…

” as part of our community development work in this area we are bringing in Sussex Bears and the rolling sports pathway to help disabled kids in this community” – ” over the next 3 years we are getting them to bring wheelchair sports twice yearly to each school in our community”

then Add £3000 to your current bid

3 schools x 2 year sessions x 3 years at £500 a whole day

firstly this improves your bid as your partnered up with the biggest wheelchair team in southern England, but also we always over deliver !!

very simple approach to strengthen your bid, promotes full inclusion with disability sports!

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the bids close on 31st Oct so call me now if you think this offer can help you or your business