Hi there … if your reading this then you might be interested in the possibility of a commercial TV show / documentary around the Sussex Bears “rolling sports pathway” or Wheelchair Sports Academy…

As of this moment nothing is signed, sealed or delivered however we have had some interested in doing some kind of commercial TV surrounding the high action and drama of managing and running a team in this highly competitive sport.

Combined with the story of the club, and the amazing community work they are doing to hopefully find some next generation athletes…

We are always on the news and in the media so there is a load of online footage you can see of the team and the way the pathway has been created up till now… future plans are now to launch a wheelchair sports academy and even host international competitions inviting the best teams in Europe to the south coast of the UK.

Social prescribing

Tax Payer savings by playing disability sports

Mental health work

winning leagues

launching new academy

visiting schools and universities in our branded trailer and producing new athletes

Battling with the NHS, CCG and Councils to show them the power of wheelchair sports

The individual stories of people who’s lives are transformed by playing these sports from life changing injuries to service personnel injured in conflicts our team has all the stories.

Plus we have some awesome characters in our club that will inspire, will change perceptions and will leave any audience wanting more…

some links to posts with footage of the team and events can be found below

Our team manager did briefly appear on a show a few years ago … 8 – 22 minutes in…

if you are interested in filming with the Sussex Bears … then call us today on 07955333633