The support from UnLtd on the launching and building of the programs we offered via RSP has been amazing, the courses, the workshops and personal development has helped us become better at funding, financing and growing our community programs and helped maximise our social impact we have had using wheelchair basketball as a tool for social prescribing, and helped turn our team into a social enterprise.

in the 9 months before the 2020 lock-down…

  • Delivered over 50 in school sessions…
  • Delivered over 70 sessions in Universities…
  • Delivered over 10 sessions to medical professionals and students…
  • Delivered community events, and pop up showcases throughout the summer…


This video above was filmed for UnLtd to showcase the social impact they have over the country, the biggest social prescribing impact you have is when you combine medical professionals with team players, We had 8 players from the Sussex Bears Wheelchair Basketball team join up with the medical team, GPs and community workers that are based at the Wellsbourne Health Centre in East Brighton.

It has a far bigger impact if those medical professional get to soak up the sport with a group of players all of which have various disabilities, injuries and impairments as it breaks down the barriers and perceptions they have to the sport and the positive physical and mental health benefits it can bring.

I went to over 50 schools and played wheelchair basketball with 1000’s of children mainly in Brighton and Hove and we have loads of fun, lots of engagement and the kids learn about the sport… however the impact is so much bigger when we bring the Sussex Bears Wheelchair team coaches and captains in to the school. They have played the game far longer than I have and they bring the extra lived experience that the kids relate too.

– Ricky Perrin – Team Manager

The program we work with at Brighton University is called Parklife and we now run wheelchair basketball sessions at Sussex University in Brighton every week… once again we combine the Sussex Bears team players with the university students, this offers a faster paced, more engaging fun session as every week the players vary on who attends, the students benefit from playing alongside people with many years of wheelchair basketball experience and also those that are brand new to the sport.

Community events over the year included appearing at Disability Pride Brighton, Take schools festival, Take part on the Level…. Once again the events are so much more engaging when we have players come along like at the Brighton and Hove City Council yearly sport showcase event where 1 of the Sussex Bears coaches came along and a few players came along to share the experience they have of the team, it makes a much bigger impact than me turning up on my own.

Ricky Perrin – Team Manager

Phase 1 was all about taking wheelchair basketball out into the community, out to schools and Universities and teaching those medical professionals what the sport can bring to the table in regards to social prescribing and development of people either born with a disability / LTHC or those injured later in life, showing them the calculated reduction on core NHS services.

UnLtd have been instrumental in phase 1 and the moment the UK lock-down is lifted and schools and universities are re-opened we are ready to go as we have now been awarded a top up of UnLtd funding to help launch phase 2.

The key part to Phase 2 is running courses via the University, so we were happy to be awarded some extra funding to help cover the set up costs so the moment COVID 19 is over we can start facilitating courses on the South Coast in as many aspects of the sport as possible.